Research Emotion Design

RED is a Brand Research and Development Strategy Firm


Jace Jergensen

Senior VP Marketing

ICON Health and Fitness

“RED’s research has been instrumental in helping us define what out consumers really want.

…through RED we’ve gone out and talked to the consumer and know exactly what they want and designed to their perspective.

… as a result of… insight from RED… we have finally earned the business of our biggest retail partner and that’s exciting!”

Jason Budge


Thrive Life

 “RED… bring[s] a whole new dimension to the project.

They’ve really been able to help us get into the minds of our consumers and understand what our consumers want.

We’ll sometimes have these strong opinions as an executive team or a marketing team and we feel like we have a direction, but then we go and let RED dive into the minds and wills of our consumers and find out it’s quite different than what we thought we wanted.

…the fact that RED incorporates this really valuable and imperative aspect of consumer research to help guide the design has been really beneficial for our company.  

They really understand how to take a company, brand and image and feel, and blow it up.  

… the team is very ingenuitive… they’re, brilliant.  They really get marketing.

RED has been tremendously instrumental in helping us really create a brand… that has helped us to grow to where we are today.”


Steve Tobler


Career Step

“I would not call RED a design agency per se, they really do so much more than providing us a unique design or a logo.

RED really engages with us on a very scientific level, if you will, to understand our value proposition, our messaging and the content we want to provide both internally and externally.

…when we engaged with RED [in] the research process, we all had our own opinions about who we are as a company and how we message to our… customers, but the fact of the matter is, we don’t know what we don’t know. 

It was much more important as we engaged in this process with RED to really understand how our customers, both potential and existing, viewed us, versus us trying to surmise what we really thought of our own selves.”

Nathan Jarvis

Director of Marketing and Merchandising

Deseret Book Co.


Recently, Deseret Book began the process of better defining and refreshing the Deseret Book brand. One of the biggest challenges and opportunities we faced was the fact that the Deseret Book brand has over 150 years of tradition and history behind it. We knew we needed to update the Deseret Book brand experience in order to be compelling and relevant to today’s consumers, and we agonized over how to do this while staying true to our heritage. One thing we knew for sure—this was a move we needed to make. We needed a brand that spoke to our existing consumers but would also excite a younger market to want to become part of the Deseret Book experience. 

We knew we needed a strong strategic partner to help us in this huge endeavor. After reviewing a number of options, we chose to work with RED on this project. Their proven track record of taking brands (many of them long-existing brands), conducting and analyzing consumer research, and re-packaging the brand experience for improved results spoke for itself. 

As they worked with us, RED was able to examine existing research and administer new research to define the attributes, benefits, emotions, and values that drove our customers. From the findings of this research, RED developed a series of fresh brand concepts and sub branding along with important secondary logos and taglines that were tested with our customers. RED extended the mood and tone of the brand design and developed a new corporate style guide covering all aspects, such as corporate materials, signage, web, uniforms, and store interiors. This guide has been critical as we extend the brand to new store interiors and exteriors. 

We were very pleased with RED’s process and feel that we have a new brand that accomplished the nearly impossible tasks of being anchored in our heritage and being inviting to today’s customer as well. 

Steve Crane

National Sales Manager

FatBoy Premium Ice Cream

Our experience working with RED was fantastic! [Their] team is a very professional organization that knows how to research and design. We could not be more pleased with our packaging and logo redesign. We are also very impressed with the surveys and research which [the RED] team gathered to get inside the head of the typical consumer to determine preferences. [Their] design team has outdone themselves with creative ideas and fantastic designs. We are very excited about the finished products, and our early indicators show that the new look packages are being accepted very well at retail. We believe that this acceptance will lead to continued FatBoy sales success. 

I highly recommend RED as a professional organization that will help grow sales and the bottom line. They are the best research and design organization I have ever worked with! 

Jay Wright

Director of Marketing

Orbit Irrigation

We have loved working with RED and have been very satisfied with the insights we’ve gained through their research and discovery steps. By taking research to the exact demographic for our brand and packaging projects, we’ve been able to see significant market share gains with key accounts. We have also experienced strong increases in our on-shelf velocity. By knowing what our customers are thinking, we can provide them with the key communications they are looking for in our products and brands. If you wish to build your brand and sales, we recommend RED. 

Rick Maw

CEO hired RED to help us with refining our brand and applying it in a new website design. We have been very pleased with our new look and appreciate the many meetings and changes that it took to get it just right. RED’s creative team was very good at creating a look for the audience and business objectives we wanted to reach. Thanks RED!

Ernie Bray

Managing Member

U.S. MetroNets, LC

Red Creek Tactical, LLC

I have been working with the principals at RED for over ten years, encompassing numerous projects for multiple companies. I am consistently amazed at their ability to take the abstract and undefined thoughts, ideas, and concepts from the minds of company executives, customers, and market research and form them into cohesive, comprehensive, and highly effective media and marketing strategies.

Every time the result has been “that’s exactly what I had in mind”; even though most often, it’s never possible to fully articulate your thoughts or ideas. RED’s depth and breadth of experience in research discovery, design, and well-honed, proven processes has never failed to deliver the amazing results I have now come to expect. 

Over the years I have recommended RED to many other companies and all have experienced the same results and everyone thanked me for referring them to RED.

Noam Temkin

VP of Sales and Marketing

Temkin International

A lot of companies out there promise “partnerships” and disappoint, but Mike and the RED team deliver on their promise. RED helped us take our marketing collateral to a level we could not achieve alone. The final product was not only aesthetically current and relevant in substance, but also provided results for our company. I look forward to working on future projects with RED. 

Mike Torres

Vice President, Owner

Manuael's Fine Foods, Inc.

Manuel’s Fine Foods has been working with RED since 2006. We find that they are honest, dependable and willing to respond to our needs. It has been our good fortune to come across this professional design company. 

RED helped us update the design for our Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet line of products which, in the beginning, was just a concept with a few sketches on paper. Not having the expertise of a professional design team, we were producing and marketing these products ourselves. Since assigning the project to RED, our original packaging has changed dramatically and has far exceeded our expectations. RED has increased our overall consumer appeal with a professional look that would rival some Fortune 500 businesses. 

We would highly recommend RED to anyone who may be considering them for their packaging design needs. We feel confident in their abilities to upgrade and redesign packaging. We are also confident in their ability to take your new projects or current packaging to the next level. We have enjoyed working with their professional staff and we will continue to use RED for all of our design needs.

Steve Ostler


Parlent Technology

We were looking for a complete marketing overhaul. Right from the beginning RED understood the importance of good market and consumer research to creating a powerful marketing message. They worked with us to understand our market, our company, our goals, and who we are. Then they created and managed a survey that helped us focus on work that would make a difference. I highly recommend RED to anyone. 

Don Lehnhof

VP Creative Services

Nature's Sunshine

The RED group helped us sort out a very sticky design dilemma with regard to our company’s brand. New associates in our company wanted an update to our corporate identity, but longtime salespeople and staff members were opposed to any and all changes. RED’s thorough research process helped us to identify the strong and weak elements of our brand and also the degree of change that the majority of people would accept. The end result was a fresh, new look based on research facts, not a designer’s whim or an edict from top management. The research-based process also gave us a positive story to tell to the few still resistant to any change.

Shad Slaughter


Utah Truffles

We have a fantastic product but had not been able to visually communicate the experience the customer should expect. RED worked with us to develop a brand and package that would draw the customer’s attention and be consistent with the quality of our chocolate. 

Paul Reed

Director of Marketing

Norbest, Inc.

RED has given me great service, great quality design work, and their research methods made our consumer studies fast, meaningful, and very beneficial in the process. Their staff has been very focused on delivering to me what I’ve asked for, but not afraid to counsel me when their expertise has led them to believe I was headed in a wrong direction. Their presentation and persuasion skills are excellent, making my job easy when it came time to sell the project to my superiors. I will use RED in the future and would recommend them to anyone. 

Brooke Goodrich

Product Manager

Tree Top

RED was responsive to our needs, kept us informed of the process, met our deadlines and worked to exceed our expectations. 

Paige Atkin

Director of Marketing

Curecrete Chemical

It’s always a pleasure to do business with RED. Not only do they provide outstanding and innovative artwork, but their customer service is unbeatable. I’m never worried about telling them exactly what my needs are regardless of how small the issue. They listen, and they respond. 

Greg Bishop


Applied Composite Technology

RED is without a doubt the best logo creation company I have ever worked with. They truly are interested in making sure that we are satisfied and not just getting their check. If you need a trademark logo, you can’t go wrong with RED. 

Michael Jensen

Fire Chief

Unified Fire Authority

“RED played a very instrumental role in helping us get the information out, in a very usable and productive way, to both the board and the residents.

...RED was able to take a lot of dispersed information, they helped us put it on to paper. They helped us organize it so that it was in a form that the board understood, the public understood, and we were able to get our message across. And they were exceptional at it.

...RED was also phenomenal to work with because we weren’t able to do the normal sets of research. The normal thing RED would do, we needed to modify and kind of use a unique set of tools. RED was able to work with us. They were able to modify work on the fly. They were great to work with, and I would recommend them highly to others."